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When parents bring their children to see Father Christmas they do so often not knowing what they’re going to get for their money.

We’ve learned over our 12 years in the grotto toy business that parents take a risk when they hand over their cash for a visit to Santa.

Because nobody ever tells the parents what their child will get as a gift.  Yes, parents know the experience will be amazing, but children want great gifts.  And if the children don’t like the present they get or if it breaks within 10 minutes, who pays?  The parents.  

And they’ve trusted you to give their child a great gift that’ll make their child happy.

When you give OUR wooden and traditional toys as gifts in your Santa grotto you can shout it from the rooftops.  

In all your advertising and publicity you can tell your customers (the parents) that their child will receive a great wooden and traditional  toy from Father Christmas.  

Because when you look at grotto publicity material the way I do, you’ll notice that most grotto’s regardless of size and venue simply say on their publicity material that “children receive a small gift” from Father Christmas.

They don’t tell parents what their children will receive as a gift from Santa because they’re not buying toys from us.  

They’re not giving toys hey’re proud to be giving as gifts from Father Christmas.  

They’re not giving wooden toys as gifts; they’re giving throwaway toys not traditional, sturdy wooden toys.  Toys they don’t want to shout about.  

With Toys to You your customers get great wooden toys that are traditional and sturdy.  But more than that: they’re toys children want to play with.

There’s no need for Father Christmas to be giving cheap plastic gifts in 2015 when you can buy great, affordable wooden and traditional toys from Toys to You with free gift wrapping.

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Why Wooden Toys are Best

Wooden toys used to be considered the best toys you could buy your child.

Then plastic toys, followed by electronic plastic toys hit the market and wooden toys were left unbought on the shop shelves while the plastics flew off them in a cacophony of beeping noises and flashing lights.

But recent studies have shown that wooden basic toys have always been the best toys to give your children.

In the last few  decades lots of research into the science of play and studying the way children interact with their toys and how this play can stimulate development has been carried out at Universities and Institutes all over the world.

One such annual study carried out by Professor Jeffrey Trawick-Smith and his team at the Centre for Early Childhood Education at Eastern Connecticut State University looks into the impact different types of  toys have on play and child development.

Basic is Better

Professor Trawick-Smith and his team’s findings have shown that Basic is Better.

Simple wooden toys designed for creative play such as wooden blocks and wooden vehicles scored highest in the team’s rigorous studies because these toys can  be used by children in multiple ways.

“There may be a reason these toys have been enjoyed by children over the generations,” said Professor Trawick-Smith.

And he would recommend that families buy classic wooden toys for their children.

The annual study has also shown that some of the toys that look most interesting to adults are not particularly effective in promoting child development.

Professor Trawick-Smith said: “Some toys have a powerful influence on children’s thinking, interaction with peers, and creative expression.  Other toys do not.”

What set the highest scoring toys apart was that they prompted problem solving, social interaction and creative expression in both boys and girls.

The team’s findings also interestingly revealed that the toys that have traditionally been viewed as male orientated - contruction toys and toy vehicles, for example - elicited the highest quality of play among girls

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