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What We’ve Learned from our Customers

The following comes from a survey we’ve asked our customers to complete:

More Customer Testimonials

“Would like to thank you, the toys were lovely and the children loved them.  The fact they came gift wrapped was a time saving bonus for us!  Once again, thank you.” Fiz Boulton ,East Farleigh School

“Thank you for your fantastic service - our quality toys were promptly received, well wrapped, colour coded for ease of distribution and both parents and children were delighted with the gifts from Santa.  I will certainly be using your services again and will not hesitate to recommend to other centres.  Once again thank you.” Sheila Carletti, Golborne Sure Start Centre

Jo Parker, Beningborough Hall & Gardens, National Trust Property

Visitors coming to a National Trust property Santa’s grotto expect something a bit special.  And giving wooden toys from Toys to You as Christmas grotto gifts really helped us give our visitors that something extra, something special.”

Patricia Bowie, Re-Union Canal Boats tourist attraction

“Since we began using Toys to You wooden Santa grotto toys as gifts from Father Christmas at our Santa’s grotto we have saved time and money - the gift wrapping service is fantastic!  We have also seen an increase in customer’s coming to our venue specifically for our Santa’s grotto.”

Santa Grotto Toys for Babies

“Thanks so much for the toys, they were a huge success.  The wrapping was really helpful and the gifts were good quality.”  Channel 4

“Thank you so much for our recent order.  We are totally delighted with all our wrapped toys for Santa’s grotto….The wooden toys are wonderful.  Thank you for being so efficient and professional...” Julie Lewis, CJ Soft

“The toys were great and everyone thought they were an appropriate gift from Santa.  Thank you for your prompt delivery and wrapping.”  Lesley Tyrer, Wigan Council

“Many thanks for the Santa’s grotto toys...You have delivered the perfect solution for our grotto, at an amazing price and with swift delivery; not to mention the hours saved wrapping all the toys we needed!  Again - many thanks.” Paula Hammerton

“The wooden toys from Toys to You we gave as gifts at our Santa’s grotto were really well received by our customers.  The children loved them and the parents were pleased to receive good quality wooden toys, not plastic toys.”  Emily McCoy, Hestercombe Gardens

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100% of our fundraising customers agreed that buying grotto toys from Toys to You saved them time and money

“We’ve had lots of very positive comments about the quality of  the toys because they’re not the usual plastic tat.” Francis  House Prep School

100% of our revenue raising customers told us our toys & our gift wrapping service enabled them to raise more revenue from their Grotto

“Wrapping is fantastic.” Sheaf Motors of Coal Aston

“The gift wrapping service saved us time and money.” British Gas

75% of our visitor attraction customers have had repeat customers to their Santa’s grotto since they began giving our wooden toys as gifts from Father Christmas.  The other 25% don’t keep records

“All good feedback - felt gifts were appropriate to setting - glad to see quality gifts.”  Aylings Garden Centre

100% of our revenue raising customers have had EXCELLENT feedback from their Santa grotto customers.

80% of customers agreed that their Santa grotto brought in families that wouldn’t normally visit them

“I think this is a fabulous service with great products especially the traditional toys like the pop gun and clackers.  The wrapping service has been very well thought out and means we can spend our time and volunteers and goodwill on making the rest of our Christmas fair event better.  The price of the toys means you can keep the cost of a visit to Santa really low so everyone in the community can afford to join in.”  Friends of Great Waltham Primary School

60% confirmed that Santa grotto customers spent more money elsewhere in their attraction after visiting Father Christmas when their child got a good gift

100% of customers agreed that buying grotto toys from Toys to You helped them raise more fundraising money

“You have provided us with a fantastic Santa grotto gift service.  We will use you again next year and recommend you to colleagues without hesitation.”  Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon

100% of customers surveyed told us they would recommend our toys to other PTA’s and charities as a great way to fundraise

100% of our customers will recommend our toys for Santa’s grottos to other people in their industry

Santa Grotto Toys