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Why should you buy your Santa grotto toys from us?

1. We are the only christmas grotto     company specialising in wooden grotto

    toys, gifts and presents since 2003

2. Every grotto toy comes gift wrapped     FREE in top quality christmas gift wrap

3. You’ll raise more revenue with wooden      toys than you will with plastic

4. With 12 years experience we ensure      all  our toys are age appropriate &

     offer them to you in easy to choose      from age categories

5. We only retail santa grotto toys so you

    know you’ve got our full attention on     your order

6. Order only what you need - no fixed     multiples

7. Flat shipping rate regardless of how     much you order

Santa Grotto Toys for 3 years+

Santa grotto toys for you to give as gifts and presents from Father Christmas at your xmas santa grotto for fundraising or corporate.

From just 80p our santa grotto toys are wooden or soft toys suitable for babies.  The price includes free gift wrapping in great

quality wrapping paper.

Wooden Santa Grotto Toys from just £1.20 with free gift wrap

Santa Grotto Toys

Since we began using Toys to You wooden Santa grotto toys and books as gifts from Father Christmas at our Santa’s Grotto we have saved time and money – the gift wrapping service is fantastic!   We have also seen an increase in customer’s coming to our venue specifically for our Santa’s Grotto."  Patricia Bowie, Re-Union Canal Boats

Santa Grotto Toys for Babies

Toys for babies for Christmas grottos are great gifts and presents to give at your Santa grotto be it fundraising or corporate.

From just £2.00 our wholesale baby toys for xmas grottos are perfect giftwrapped grotto toys suitable for babies from birth.

Soft and wooden toys for babies for your Christmas santa grotto.

Toys for babies to give as gifts from Father Christmas

Premium Santa Grotto Toy Service

The right, top quality, santa grotto toys can help you raise your Christmas revenue.  Together with our five step signature system you can increase your profits this Christmas.

Fair trade and green wooden santa grotto toys as well as plush puppets & soft toys that’ll bring customers to your Christmas grotto.

Raise your Christmas revenue with amazing santa grotto toys

Santa Grotto Toys for Babies Santa Grotto Toys

But don’t just listen to us, here’s what some of our customers have said:

"I would recommend Toys to You wooden Santa Grotto toys and books to anyone with a venue that needs to make money at Christmas time and bring in new visitors."

Ana Vaughan, Croft Castle & Parkland

"The wooden toys and books from Toys to You that we gave as gifts at our Santa’s grotto were really well received by our customers.  The children loved them and the parents were pleased to receive good quality wooden toys and great books, not plastic toys" Emily McCoy, Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton

Santa Grotto Toys for Babies Santa Grotto Toys for Toddlers

Santa Grotto Toys for Babies

Grotto toys age appropriate for babies from birth

Babies are very often brought to see Father Christmas and are quite often given an inappropriate gift as it’s difficult to find affordable grotto toys suitable for babies.

But not now, we have a great range of affordable wholesale santa grotto toys, gifts and presents for babies from birth including wooden and soft toys that are safe for babies.

Santa Grotto Toys for Toddlers

Santa grotto toys  suitable for toddler from 1 year and older

Toddler toys that fit little hands and are safe for toddlers can be hard to find especially if you’re on a budget.  

But not now.  We have great wooden gift wrapped grotto toys for toddlers that are affordable and suitable for toddler from 1 year old.

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