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Santa Grotto Toys

About Us

We started Toys to You in 2003 as a very small family business…

Money Back


Solid Family Business

With 13 years experience we are a solid family business you can trust in.

Our 13 years in the Christmas toy business has taught and shown us what children want from Father Christmas at your grotto but more importantly what parents want their children to be given as gifts.

We have supplied Santa Grotto toys:

* shopping centres

* city centres

* garden centres

* visitor/tourist attractions

* city centre museums

* rural museums

* racecourses

* the Forestry Commission

* National Trust properties

* Fundraising PTA’s throughout England, Wales and Scotland

* Fundraising preschool, nurseries and childcare providers throughout the UK

 Just Great Gifts

Gift wrapped wooden toys & books delivered to you ready to pull straight from Santa’s sack

Toys for Christmas santa grotto's are big business now, but when I started out 13 years ago, Toys to You was the ONLY company online selling giftwrapped wholesale bulk toys to be given as gifts and presents at Santa grottos throughout the UK.

Now put the search term - santa grotto toys into Google and you'll be inundated with companies offering to help you make your christmas grotto the best you possibly can.

But at Toys to You, we specialise in toys for Santa grottos.  That's all we do, we don't just sell that at Christmas to make some extra cash.  

Toys for Santa's grottos is our entire world.

Toys to You was started by me, Margaret a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 3. Throughout  my many years parenting and grandparenting (which I’m still doing) I’ve experienced  the many different kinds of toys children get when they visit a Christmas grotto.

And I realised that none of  my children (when they were much younger) or my grandchildren ever got decent wooden toys that they actually wanted to play with at grottos.

So I started Toys to You's Santa grotto toys to specialise in great quality wooden  and traditional toys for grotto's as well as soft plush toys for babies and toddlers.  And then later on I introduced affordable amazing books to give as gifts and presents from Father Christmas at Santa Grottos.

And my guarantee to you is - if you are not completely satisfied with the toys you have bought from us, if they do not meet the above promises then I will give you a full refund

30 day Prestige Premium Gifts for Santa Grottos

In the beginning we specialised in gifts for Christmas parties at schools and preschool facilities.  As the face of Christmas changed Toys to You evolved into a specialist supplier of toys to be given as gifts from Father Christmas at kinds of Santa’s grottos.

We’ve taken our time growing Toys to You slowly in the 12 years we’ve been in business.  This slow growth has allowed us to to take time to learn the Santa grotto business and also to learn from Santa’s grottos.

Santa Grotto Toys Santa Grotto Toys for Babies
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